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The major partnership which has developed over the past 6 years is between the Walter T. Hanson Memorial Library and the Central Aroostook Historical Society.  There is a sharing of local historical materials because both groups possess documents or materials which can be sighted in each other's promotional materials.  Also, until the former Grange building is usable for meetings, the Historical group meetings are held at the Library.

W T A Hansen Memorial Library in Mars Hill Maine
Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School Building

The Library serves as a telephone contact point for the Historical Society which eliminates the need for the Historical group to have a dedicated phone which would need to be answered in some manner.  Library staff passes messages along to appropriate Historical Society members for action.  

The Central Aroostook Historical Society also partners with the Central Aroostook High School.  In particular in 2014 & 2015 the wood shop worked on the Blaine Well House/Lobster Pot restoration project.  We will seek other opportunities to partner with teachers and students.

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