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July 8, 2016

Folks, this week I built the soffits and trim for the Lobsta Pot building.  Henry Young stopped by Friday and scraped old chipped paint off three sides.  After we get a stretch of dry weather we'll be able to prime the old bare wood and trim.








Next steps on the roof are installation of the drip edge, cover with tarpaper, then flash each junction of the roof sections with aluminum flashing.  I plan to square off the top and come up with an eight sided piece to flash and finnish.  Things will be watertight at that point then we can begin with the cedar shingles on the roof just like the original.

Lobster Pot Progress

Lobster Pot Project History

The restoration project for the Blaine Well House/Lobster Pot building has progressed slowly over the past several years but it recently got a huge boost.

The Adelman Family had contributed funds to the High School for the construction of a greenhouse. This

project is not going forward so Milton has donated a portion, $2,500, to our project.  The project will be dedicated to the memory of Rudy Bell, a talented, hardworking, and positive person who worked for the Adelman Brothers farming operation for many years. 

One of the most costly parts of the restoration will be white cedar shingles for the roof.  Clear shingles with no knots are best for roof applications and these are expensive.   However, we feel that this detail is one of the original components of the structure we would like to retain.  Since the building has 8 sides, there will be a lot of waste as we shape the shingles to conform to the surface while maintaining a water tight covering. 

Another difficult part of the project is recreating the soffits under the roof overhang.  Each piece will need to be custom fitted and leveled.  Eventually, there will be a colored light in each soffit section just like you might remember when you parked in front of the Lobster Pot and ate your seafood and potato salad. 

Anytime you see us working on the project which is next to Blaine Town Hall, please stop by and visit.

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