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Capital Projects

There are two major capital projects now under way including the repair and improvement of the former Grange Building and the restoration of the former well house/Lobster Pot building.

Grange Building:   One immediate need after the Central Aroostook Historical Society took possession of the former Grange building was to deal with a serious roof leak on the south side of the structure.  The leak dropped water onto the auditorium floor in the southeast area.  We secured a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation plus another $1,000 from the Rotary Club of Mars Hill.  Dalton Scovil was contracted to remove the old shingles on the south side and replace with new asphalt shingles.  In some areas there were two layers of old shingles including some cedar shingles.  Removal and preparation for new shingles were a huge part of this work.  Presently, 12-10-2016, there are no roof leaks.  The remainder of the roof needs replacement and that is likely to cost approximately $18,000.  We will need to fund raise and seek grants for this work.

We do not heat any area of the building at this time and the water has been shut off at the street.  We were concerned with an unattended heating unit.  We insure the building which turns out to be our largest operating expense ( Approximately $1,200 per year) 

The design of the building is split level so one has to climb or descend stairs to access any of the rooms.  We met several years ago with a representative of the Fire Marshall’s office and will need to do extensive fireproofing of the entry/stairway before large groups can be invited into the facility.  We will also need to fund raise and seek grants for this work.

Lobster Pot/Well House Project:  For the past three years or so we have been working to save one of the few very old structures in our region.  You can see our progress to date by visiting the former Grange building and viewing the 8 sided structure situated to the south of the entrance stairs and platform.  This structure was very very close to being demolished and lost to preservation.  It is almost weather tight at this time.  When weather permits the installation of cedar shingles will commence.  The Adelman Family donated $2,500 to fund this project which is being dedicated to the memory of Rudy Bell.  Rudy was raised in a building which was situated not 100 feet to the southeast of the project structure.

Lobster Pot Capital Program
Grange Building Capital Program
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