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There are now about 30 Central Aroostook Historical Society members including individuals, families, and corporations.  It is time to pay our annual dues which can be sent to the historical society at P. O. Box 293, Mars Hill, Maine 04758.  Dues are $10 for students, $15 for individuals, $25 for families, and $100 for corporations.  Please encourage others to join because membership dues are an important part of our funding.


We have an arrangement with the Mars Hill Bottle Redemption Center wherein they keep track of cans and bottles donated in the name of the Central Aroostook Historical Society.  The process is simple.  When you take returnables to the Center, simply tell them that the proceeds are supposed to go the Central Aroostook Historical Society.  They keep track of all donations and then write a check out to us periodically.  This is a simple and easy way to support our organization.  We have taken in over $200 per year from this source.

We also have tags as shown below that can be attached to the bags which tells the return folks to credit the Historical Society with the proceeds.  Either way, this is a great help. The tags can be picked up at the Library in Mars Hill.




We intend to conduct an Online auction at some point in time but have been having difficulty finding an auction website that is affordable and easy to use.  We are exploring the possibility of piggy backing with Walter T. Hansen Library when they conduct their auction.


In the past we have sold Hosta plants as a fund raiser.  We collected about $500 the first year but the market was saturated and we did not do as well the second year.  Also Dave Peers raffled off one of his rifles and raised about $1,500.  This was a great shot in the arm for us,,,,Thanks, Dave.




A number of people have donated money during our sales and raffles.  Also Steve has done some carpentry work and tied flies for people including Donnie Beattie and Trent Lundene who then made generous donations to our organizations.

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