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More Stories from the Heart of The County

By Local authors with more local stories


The co-editors /contributors, Betsy York and Steve Hitchcock, are charter members of the Central Aroostook Historical Society started on January 25, 2010. Story authors are mainly local residents sharing their memories.

Following the successful publication of their first book, Stories From the Heart of The County, Betsy York and Steve Hitchcock, co-editors/contributors, have collected more stories for readers to enjoy.  They have published a second book titled More Stories from the Heart of The County.
More than 30 local residents have contributed over 60 stories about their memories of family members, farms, businesses, school, recreation, work and more.  The stories give readers a view into the history of the area and how folks lived and spent their time in years past.  Included within the 200-page book are several photos of people, historical buildings, and items of the past.  Sales of the book help raise funds for the Central Aroostook Historical Society.  The new book was published in May of 2023.

Great Gift Idea

Cost for More Stories from the Heart of The County is $30 each.  The first book, Stories from the Heart of The County, is available for $25.  Books can be purchased at the Mars Hill Pharmacy.  Checks can be made payable to Central Aroostook Historical Society.   Books may be ordered and shipped by sending payment plus shipping costs of $5 (subject to USPS rates) to Central Aroostook Historical Society, P. O. Box 293, Mars Hill, Maine 04758. If you have questions, please call the Walter T. A. Hansen Memorial Library at (207) 429-9625.
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